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e-Poster Guidelines

e-Poster Guidelines

All e-Posters will be available at the “e-Poster Session” on the KSSS 2020 website during the conference
Attendee will be able to find and browse e-Posters and download them in PDF format
Only those who submitted the abstract can submit the e-poster

Important Dates

e-Poster submission system opens on February 1, 2020
e-Poster presenter should register for the conference until May 22 (Fri), 2020

Unless you register on time, your abstract will be excluded from the scientific program
e-Poster submission system closes on May 31 (Sun), 2020

Preparation of e-Posters

e-Poster file should be in landscape orientation with a screen ratio of 4:3
e-Poster file must be in the PDF format
The file size should NOT exceed 10MB
e-Poster should be composed of 10 slides or less
The content of an e-Poster presentation should be clear, focused and concise
Please do NOT use animated effects, audio clip or video clip in e-Poster
The authors are fully responsible for the contents of e-poster

e-Poster Upload Instructions

Please read carefully the instructions to upload your poster and please follow the next steps:
1. Go to e-poster submission site
2. Enter the accepted abstract number you received
3. Type the accepted abstract number, title of e-Poster and name of presenting author
4. Upload the e-Poster file in PDF format
5. Click the “Upload poster” button, and then the “Submit” button
6. Depending on the file size and your internet connection, the submission process may take several minutes

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